Trapee is happy to finally be home

Age: Kitten


Here are the pictures of the little kitty you helped us save on Thanksgiving. His name is Trapee because we caught him using the trap you gave us. His story goes like this. We went to stay at a hotel in the Poconos on Thanksgiving day. When we got there outside of our hotel we saw a little baby kitty crying and running around starving and cold. We tried to catch him for 3 hours to no avail. Then we happened to call you and you agreed to meet us and let us borrow a trap. After going to 18 different McDonald's we finally found each other and soon we were headed back to try to trap the kitty. When we finally found him again he was in a bush just before sunset and it seems like he had gone in there to freeze to death. He wasn't crying anymore or running around, he was barely moving. After I put the trap in front of him he went in and a short time later but he was too small to set it off. so I took my shoes off and I snuck up on him and I hit the trap and he was caught. he didn't put up a fight, he had nothing left to fight with. We brought him inside and warmed him up and fed him. The next morning we brought him to the vet and got him all cleaned up and then we brought him home. We love this little boy and we are taking very good care of him. He is so happy to be alive and loved. He purrs most of the day as he plays and tries to cuddle us. We are so happy that we saved him and that we met you because without you I don't think we would have been able to save him. Thank you so much again for all of your help. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New year. Your friends forever, Joe, Maureen, and Trapee.

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