Esther AKA Gracie is happy to finally be home

Age: Kitten


Esther was found by a volunteer at the end of her driveway, thought to be dead. When the volunteer picked her up, she moved, so she was rushed to the vet. After a full recovery, here she found her FURever home!!

I am so thankful that someone got to her in time. She is just perfect. I can’t tell you how many times she has already brought a smile to our faces. She is so comical, she does this little pounce with her back arched like a Halloween cat. She is extremely well behaved, playful and just a joy to have in our home.

I can not get over how obsessed she is with our dog. I can not imagine a more perfect fit!

Thank you and your team for all that you do and for giving us the opportunity to have this sweet girl as a part of our family,

Here are a few pics of Gracie(formerly known as Esther) she is adjusting nicely and getting along so well with our dog Oakland.

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