Paradise is happy to finally be home

Age: Young


One of Buttermilk’s sisters was named Paradise. She is a little bigger then Buttermilk and has short hair, but that doesn’t make her any less adorable. She too was quite shy when we first got her and took some time to adjust. Again though, I sat quietly with her and after a few weeks, she came around too! While she’s still a little skittish regarding unanticipated contact, she does let me pet her from time to time. I can tell that every day, she is getting more and more comfortable. She’s very spry, loves to play with her sister, and is extremely strong! She loves her hammocks and window seats, and I can tell she has quite a hunter’s instinct. She too is there when I come home (albeit a little further back) and there when I wake up in the morning. She’s a very welcomed addition to our family, and is settling in quite nicely.

I want to thank Animals Can’t Talk for working with me during my adoption process and working with my schedule to allow me to visit their wonderful rescue center. The group of individuals who take care of those beloved animals are truly amazing people.

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