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Happy Tails!

This is the gallery of our happy cats who have found their forever homes

Maybe your new friend will be the next happy tail on this list!

Birch and Red Rock

The cats at eating well and settling in. Birch is very lovely dovey. Especially after the medicine. Red Rock is coming along but still is a bit skiddish a...

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Here he is in his new home he has adapted very well and he is such a sweet kitty. He doesn't seem to be afraid of dogs!


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Snow Cone

He is doing great and starting to get along with our older cats! He is warming up to us and is out of his hiding stage and loves running around and taking...

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One of Buttermilk’s sisters was named Paradise. She is a little bigger then Buttermilk and has short hair, but that doesn’t make her any less adorable. She too was quite shy ...

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