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Happy Tails!

This is the gallery of our happy cats who have found their forever homes

Maybe your new friend will be the next happy tail on this list!


It has been a little over 6 months since Buttermilk and Paradise have come into my life. When I first laid eyes on Buttermilk, I had a feeling she was a cat who simply needed...

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Doc is one of seven kittens who were abandoned when a family moved.

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Esther AKA Gracie

Esther was found by a volunteer at the end of her driveway, thought to be dead. When the volunteer picked her up, she moved, so she was rushed to the vet. After a full recovery, here she found her FU...

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Slate AKA Max

Hi..Slate is doing great!  My daughter and I are fighting over the name.  I like Slate or Ash... She likes the name Max. I just ordered him a cat tower a...

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